What are Photography Mini Sessions? And Everything You Need to Know!

Today, I want to dive into a topic that many of you have asked about: what in the heck are photography mini sessions? Seriously, whether you’re new to the concept or just curious about how they work, this guide will help you understand everything you need to know about mini sessions and why they might or might not be the perfect option for you.

What are Photography Mini Sessions?

A mini session is a short, typically 15-20 minute photoshoot that offers a quick and affordable way to capture beautiful images. Unlike a full photography session that might last an hour or more, a mini session is designed to be a condensed version, providing you with a handful of high-quality photos in a shorter amount of time and typically for a more affordable price.

Why Choose a Mini Session?

  • Time-Efficient: If you have a busy schedule, mini sessions are a great way to fit in a professional photoshoot without a significant time commitment. Perfect for families with young children who may have shorter attention spans! On the other hand, you know your child best, mama. If your child is slower to warm to new people a mini session might not be the best fit.. OR ask your photographer if they are willing to let you grab the last time slot for a few extra minutes at the end.
  • Cost-Effective: Mini sessions are typically more affordable than full sessions. Since they are smaller time durations, a photographer can group them together in order to offer them at a more affordable rate. It’s basically like buying things in bulk! That makes them an excellent option if you’re looking to update your photos on a budget or if you like to update your photos often but only need a few each time.
  • Seasonal Themes: Many photographers, including myself, offer mini sessions around specific themes or seasons. Think Summer fun, Fall foliage, Winter Wonderlands or Christmas. These sessions provide a unique opportunity to capture the essence of the season.

What to Expect During a Mini Session

  • Pre-Session Communication: Before the session, we’ll discuss the location, theme, and any specific shots you’re hoping to get. I’ll also provide tips on what to wear and how to prepare.
  • The Session Itself: Photography mini sessions are fast-paced and FUN! We’ll spend around 20 minutes capturing a variety of poses and candid moments. Because of the short duration, it’s SO important to arrive on time AND ready to go.
  • After the Session: I’ll select the best images from our time together, professionally edit them, and provide you with a selection of high-quality photos. You’ll typically receive fewer images than from a full session, but each one will be a gem.

Who Should Consider a Mini Session?

  • Families: Perfect for annual family photos or Christmas cards.
  • Children: Excellent for quick, stress-free photoshoots that keep kids engaged.

Tips for a Successful Mini Session

  • Be Prepared: Plan outfits in advance and make sure everyone is dressed and ready to go before the session starts.
  • Arrive on Time: Mini sessions are scheduled back-to-back, so arriving on time ensures you get the most out of your slot. As always, I cannot always accommodate if you are late or miss your session time. Please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early to ensure that the day runs smoothly for everyone.
  • Stay Relaxed: The best photos come from natural, relaxed moments. Don’t worry too much about posing; I’ll guide you through it!
  • Have Fun: Mini sessions are meant to be a fun, stress-free way to capture memories. Enjoy the experience, it happens so quickly, just focus on loving on your people! I promise, I have the rest.

When to Book a Mini Session?

I’m excited to offer a range of mini sessions throughout the year, each designed to capture the unique beauty of the season. If you’re interested in booking a mini session or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. My availability every year for Wildflowers and Fall sessions fill up quickly, so be sure to jump onto The Wild Ones VIP Email List for first dibs on all mini sessions and exclusive discounts.

Summer 2024 Mini Sessions Releasing March 31st to The Wild Ones VIP, remaining slots will go public on June 3rd.

Fall 2024 Mini Sessions Releasing July 5th to The Wild Ones VIP, remaining slots will go public on July 8th.

Christmas 2024 Mini Sessions Releasing October 4th to The Wild Ones VIP, remaining slots will go public on October 7th.

Interested in current Grow Wild Mini Sessions?

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What are Photography Mini Sessions? And Everything You Need to Know!

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