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As the cold grip of winter begins to loosen its hold, nature awakens in a burst of color and vitality. Spring, with its gentle warmth and vibrant blooms, offers the perfect backdrop for capturing precious family moments. If you’re looking to create lasting memories, booking a Spring Wildflower mini session might just be the key […]

Capture the Beauty with a Spring Wildflower Mini Session | Plano Family, Maternity & Newborn Photographer

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Let’s Prep for your Mini Photography Session As a mama myself, trust me when I say: I get it. I am also a wife to a husband who dreads pictures, a bonus mama to a teen who automatically hates any shirt I picked (hello opinions), and my 3 year-old, what even are clothes? So trust […]

How to Prepare for Your Mini Photography Session

Mini Photography Sessions

Capturing the essence and beauty of childhood through photography is a wonderful art. When it comes to photographing children with special needs, the process requires a little more patience, understanding, and creativity. Each child is unique, and these tips will help you create beautiful and meaningful images that both the children and their families will […]

Photographing Children with Special Needs – An Occupational Therapy Perspective

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